Pete Cashmore The rich Blogger: His Name ‘Cash More Had More To It’

Every writer dreams that: You begin blogging about popular topics, the blog emerges a top rank success, advertises fill your page and within no time you become a millionaire. Well for one Pete Cashmore this is now a reality. Pete Cashmore is a Scottish entrepreneur and he stated blogging when he was 19, he is now 28 and his worth is 60 million Euros while his blog site named as Mashable and is valued at 200 million Euros. Mashable purpose was to track profits of huge internet sites such as Facebook. But in recent times it has become so popular and attracts 50 million page viewers per month.

pete cashmore

Cashmore has employed 44 people in their Mashable offices based in San Francisco and New York. It has received many awards and was rated as must-read page by the Fast Company. Cashmore was listed among the most influential people in the world and appeared in Forbes magazine in 2011.Mostly what Marshable does is advertising, the company is very good at grabbing visitors attention to persuade advertisers that purchasing space on his site is worth it and the more your blog becomes well known the more the advertisers want to be part of it and spend money on the blog. Advertises are mostly companies with features similar to subject area the blog has coverage, companies that make adverts on Mashable are technology based. Mashable also runs the International Open Web Awards to make recognition to the outstanding communities and services. Voting is carried out online with successful winners being mentioned at ceremony where they get their awards offline. In the year 2010 it name was changed to Mashable awards. read more at here….


If you have just started blogging the key factors to consider will be selecting the topics you are comfortable working on and write about them often. On the leading blog sites updates are written once daily, with the busy ones going with several updates on daily basis. Once you have attracted a good number of readers, start persuading advertisers to join your page and you might just end up like Pete Cashmore.