HP, Lenovo and Dell Punished and Got E-waste Penalty Point

The companies are continuously developing devices and shipping them worldwide, which ensures to generate tons of e-waste and other problem for environment. Also they had promised to do the e-waste recycling but many companies have found violating the rules that were meant for them to comply and reduce the e-waste. The incidents had caught in the HP, Dell and Lenovo had assured to eliminate the use of PVC and brominates flame retardant in the devices that they create in 2009 and now companies telling that they will be following these rules from next year. TO eliminate the PVC from the product is first priority for e-waste companies to tackle with the rise of electronic garbage and the companies will the complying with the rules, when they feel pressure from publics. Dell is already launched PC’s and devices that have reduces amount of PVC and few monitors are free from these substances. Also, Lenovo has two models that are completely free from the toxic material and HP is also following the footstep and launched 2 models free from PVC.


“The Guide to Greener Electronics, now in its 11th update, shows which electronics companies are investing to meet their commitments to remove toxic substances from their products, tackle climate change, and introduce better recycling and take-back policies. When electronics companies pay for the collection (take-back) and recycling of their own products, they have the added incentive to develop cleaner, more recyclable products.” Published on a Site.


These substances leaves a bad impact on people health and dangerous so Apple, which is a world biggest brand, taking care of PVC.Apple is not certified or forced to eliminate these substance but since 2009 it successfully eliminating the PVC and BFR from their products. So I Apple can do this so the other leading brands and companies.


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