Adventurous is living under snow in an igloo: Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Does the name itself sound weird to you? Well, wait till you actually see it. Did you ever in your entire life thought of living in an igloo but in room temperature? No? In that case you missed a lot in your life, pity to say you might lack adventure in the same. Every individual being London billionaire has it. Here is a wide staying range of igloo, actually it’s the name, it’s under snow build minor rooms with a large bed for two, an extra, and should you need. A fire place, less needed as it has room temperature throughout. Its staying period is from April to January only, depending on the snowfall time. Marvelous place to visit before you die. I mean it.


Kakslauttanen might be situated in wilderness but that doesn’t mean you should expect to rough it when you arrive here-on the contrary in fact. Our international staffs are here to serve-and indeed pamper you-in many different languages.” Need to know more? Then explore on Kakslauttanen.


Glass roof circular igloo allows you to watch night sky full of stars and an experience you would never forget in your life. If you are thing about food, then throw it out of the open window if you have any at the moment. Hotel Kakslauttanen provides accommodation and eateries both. I guarantee you are worried about filling up your empty stomach after adventuring whole day. Providing different countries’ mouthwatering cuisines to pamper your taste buds with the staff speaking your native language is stupendously fantastic (if that even goes together I say). Never having a complaint report register, the hotel never even needed one to hold. The only complain you can register there is “why do you have to leave the place”. Rush to it the season is on.


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