Stay Competent in Restaurant Business via Skylex Information Systems

Do you want to enjoy mouth-watering cuisines and beverages during your tour to different parts of the world? Do you want to get a pleasant fine dining experience with your family members? If yes, just look over accommodations and eateries reviews online and find popular restaurants. For instance, tourists plan to visit the popular Mediterranean tourist destination named Dalmatia will get the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes and outstanding ambience provided by a well-known Villa Ruza Restaurant.


Restaurant Overview

Villa Ruza food center and its chefs have incorporated high level of expertise in the way, by which it sources the ingredients. Whether you go for having seafoods (fish and prawns), green vegetables and juicy fruits, you will definitely give a good taste to your mouth, along with enjoying in a pleasant background.

Advancements Recommendations for the Restaurant

With the intense competition in the food business, responsibilities of food centers have not only remained confined to supply of tasty foods and good surroundings. Instead, the restaurant has to fulfill security and safety requirements to attract more visitors at the international level and in turn to stay at the top position in the industry.


Based on this fact, we are suggesting Villa Ruza and other reputable eateries to choose for the installation of efficient and effective Interactive Analytics based business level solution provided by a well-known company named Israel. Particularly, SAAS Integration package of the Skylex Company has obtained its big demand in different parts of the world.

SAAS Integration

SAAS Integration information systems designed by the technician team of Skylex Company use the latest and advanced voice analysis technology to detect measure and analyze emotions of individuals, which likely take place in different types of organizations.


IA Integrated Solutions Functions

As the system uses advanced vocal analysis technique, it allows call centers and other commercial units to identify various types of emotional signatures present in the entire conversation goes on with the help of phones, messages and any of the online mediums, like Skype, G-talk and many more. Other than the ongoing calls, SAAS Integration is capable to track recorded communications taken place between two different parties.

Skylex provides you with an effective, versatile, and reliable IT tool that detects varying emotional states, including stress, anger, embarrassment, hesitation, and concentration levels among many other solutions.Read more from here.

SAAS Integration solution has given its massive contribution to provide massive benefits to different types of industrial organizations.

• Drastic reduction in the churn of customers because of better quality and level of service

• Enhancement of effectiveness in terms of cross-sale, collections and various types of up-sale procedures

• Lastly, decrease in the expenses faced by companies to undergo research for customer satisfaction and quality management.

Since customer satisfaction is the prime objective of busienss, Skylex solutions will definitely find their wide applications in almost every type of commercial and industrial organization in future.


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