Best Tourist Attraction Places In Israel

If you are thinking to take a tour of the beautiful tourist places, then Israel has a lot of tourist attractions places. The Acre is the oldest city on the coast of the Haifa. This is the natural port in the Galilee and Israel. It is the historic place and one of the Crusaders’ fortifications and ports. It is  an important port in the middle east. The middle eastern campaign collapsed with the France.

Dead Sea is over 1,300 feet below the sea level; the base of the sea is over 2,300 feet under sea level. It is totally landlocked and most attractive area in the Eilat city. It has mostly salty water with 35% salt water.

Eilat is the city of resort and boutique hotels. Some of the resorts connected to the beaches. This is the desert and shine forever with the light of the Sun. This is famous for the Scuba diving. You can see brilliantly tinted coral and fish and may see all from a venomous lionfish to a moray eel to a shark to a sea turtle to a manta ray.

Haifa is not the best city, nor is it the most thrilling. It is situated around the stunning Carmel Mountain, next to the Haifa bay.

Israeli government offices are located in Jerusalem, including the Knesset, Israel’s parliament and the Supreme Court. Jerusalem is dwelled to the Israel Museum with its holy place of the Book and Hebrew University. It has ranked constantly as Israel’s top tourist attraction places. There is a Teddy Stadium, which is leading football stadiums in the country. Jerusalem plays an important role in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The Sea of Galilee has dry and hot circumstances with sweet water and calming environment. It is famous for local people on the weekends. The entire lake is surrounded by private and public beaches. It is known as Lake Kinneret, is only 13 miles by 7 miles, but is one of the most well-known bodies of water in the world

Tiberias is a popular for visitor from Roman times. It has leisure spa, natural limestone and hot springs below sea level, It is built by Herod Antipas, the city was named Tiberius in honor of the Roman Emperor Tiberius.


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