North Korean Travel App Gives You All Info

Few years ago, the people afraid to visit North Korea because of their Dictator and also the American are only allowed to visit in summer only. As time passes the number of western visitor are risen to 5000 to 6000 a year and now as Korea sees a growth in their economy because of the tourism, several business ventures are up to invest a large amount to take the advantage of growing area. In response to all critics, a London based startup has launched a North Korean Travel app, which are available for users to download, the geo tagging services are also featured in the app led by Curtis Melvin, a North Korean Satellite imagery expert who temporarily banned because of his work wide spread News Coverage. The app has separate sections detailing the country history, culture and also gives the information about the all the places around the country featured with hotels and restaurants.


CNN says “The app appeals to that curiosity a lot of people have about what on Earth it’s like to go to a country like North Korea and is designed for armchair travelers as well as people who are actively interested in visiting,” says project manager Chad O’Carroll. A longtime North Korea watcher and founder and managing editor of NK News, O’Carroll got involved with the project last year when friends set up Uniquely Travel, a site dedicated to easing travel to countries with difficult relationships with Western governments. The North Korea app, developed by Magora Systems, is the first to launch.”

The app is available to all platforms and Smartphones user can download it and can travel to North Korean. The will keep you updated with the information about the nearby hotels and places to eat. All the information right into your phone user doesn’t have to worry about to finding the hotels.


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