Enjoy Peaceful and Relaxing Vacation Spots in Okinawa Prefecture of Japan

Okinawa Prefecture is known as the southern prefecture of Japan, which comprises of many Ryukyu Islands within a big chain of more than 1,000 km in length and extends in the southwest direction from the place of Kyushu to Taiwan. Naha is the capital of this popular Japanese place, situated in the island of Okinawa. Currently, the place has become the prime attraction of worldwide tourists. In fact, large numbers of visitors from across different parts of the world to enjoy peaceful and relaxing vacation spots in Japan. In this blog post, you will get relevant facts about topmost tourists’ attractions of the place. These include


Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle is considered as the gusuku positioned in Shuri of Okinawa. In the year 1992, majority of architects and other related professionals have renovated the place by keeping historical facts and original photos as well as other important records relate to the place. Thus, by the efforts of Japanese architects and information systems towards valuable information about the place, it has become the crowded and popular tourist spot for visitors all round the year.


Nakagusuku Castle

Similar to Shuri Castle, Nakagusuku Castle is also an attractive place to enjoy in Okinawa of Japan. The famous historical castle comprises of six baileys, each of which remained over the different elevation. Moreover, here, you will find six different courtyards playing the role of protection forts.


With their own language and customs, Okinawans still regard themselves as different from the mainland Japanese and some still harbor a certain degree of resentment towards the mainland for the brutal way the islands were treated as colonies and during World War II.Read in detail about this place from here.



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