Clink Charity Restaurant Chain-Perfect Choice for Travelers


Are you a food lover looking to enjoy delicious dishes in popular UK eateries? Do you want to avail good taste to your mouth by taking tasty food items in restaurants? If your answer to these questions is yes, you should definitely visit with your family members and friends into the restaurant chain owned and operated by Clink Charity Group. This is a well-known eatery group of London in United Kingdom responsible for operating three different prison restaurants to give valuable training, qualification program and to guide and help convicts in earning their livelihood after jail. The entire establishment has joined different enterprises of Cardiff Prison in the city of Wales, while High down Prison located in Surrey.


This week, the Charity Group set up its third restaurant inside the Brixton Prison situated in the southern part of London, where actual prisoners serve and cook food and beverages for customers. Similar to any other popular restaurants, such as Gilgamesh and Shaka Zulu, categorized as popular Bebo Kobo or Camden Market restaurants, this restaurant has even witnessed the visit of countless numbers of food lovers not only in local area, but also located in other parts of the world.


Last year, many people located in different cities, counties and suburbs of United Kingdom have referred this food center as one of the best accommodations and eateries of London. These eateries use some locally grown and highly sourced ingredients for preparation of food. Sample dishes offered by the chefs will include woodland wild mushroom, smoked mackerel pancake rolls and herb crusted pork chops. Even if you are a business traveler visited London to conduct business concert with your UK clients, you should definitely choose this prison-based food center, as it even provides high-end European beverages and cuisines to cater wealthy business tycoons or clients. CEO of Clink Charity Group commented, “We are offering a credible solution to a major skills shortage within the industry as well as tackling the problem of re-offending.” Read more from here.


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