PromPeru Hosting International Fashion Industry Fair for Business Travelers

If you are a business traveler seeking to make investments in the fashion industry, you should definitely consider for your tour into Lima or Peru with your associates. This is because; Peruvians have now set itself to conduct the 18th edition of the international fair in the city for footwear and garment or apparel industry. Senior professionals of the garment or fashion industry have scheduled the international fair from 9th of April to 11th of April at the popular Peruvian National Museum of the city.


PromPeru, the leading tourism and export group located in Peru is responsible for organization of Peru with proper support from the Peruvian Ministers dealing with International Tourism and Trade. In addition, Foreign Trade Society in Peru contributed a lot for hosting the fair for 3 days in the coming April touted as the primary event of Peruvian fashion sector. The fair would display some best Peruvian export supplies in footwear and apparels. Other than display of apparels, accessories and sandals, authorities responsible for hosting the fair have put their efforts to maintain high level of safety within and outside of big Lima properties.


Particularly, Peruvian Ministers possessing vast knowledge in the science and technology have recommended about installation of sophisticated security solutions based on latest LVA technology provided by the Israeli based company named Nemesysco Limited. LVA-based systems work on both online and offline mode in the attempt to detect and prevent entrance of individuals based on emotions contained in the voice of visitors entering into any particular premise.


Vacation spots hosting the fair would aim to deliver a sound business platform for large numbers of Peruvian entrepreneurs involved in different areas including alpaca, apparel, textile, leather and footwear areas towards establishment of business contents with large numbers of big import companies located in different parts of the world. With the prime objective to establish and promote strong business relationship with national and global buyers, this 2014 fair would obviously witness the participation of many micro, small and medium enterprises belonging to different parts of the world. As per, “The main objective of hosting the fair is to promote direct contact between Peruvian export companies and international buyers from various countries.” Read more from here.


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