Malcha Mall-Place to Acquire Unique Jews Collections

Are you fond of collecting unique Jews collections while traveling to various Israeli cities? Do you like to shop exclusive pieces of garments, jewelry and other fashionable items preferred by Israeli citizens? If your answer is yes, you should definitely plan for your tour to Israel and get the excellent opportunity to visit one of the incredible properties of Jerusalem named Azrieli Group’s Jerusalem Mall or Malcha Mall. This is the biggest ever shopping mall located in the capital city of Israel and has now become the home for staggeringly sizable food courts and several other popular stores including Office Depot, Mango, H and M, Home Center, Zara and Mega supermarket.

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Specialties of Malcha Mall

The entire shopping complex of Jerusalem incorporated a staggering area of 37,000 square meters of space for commercial level activities and more than 3,000 offices. In addition, you will find about 260 businesses operating out of this plaza in an assortment, incorporating footwear, fashion purveyors, electronics, cosmetics, food, eyewear, post office, banks, ATMs, and money charges, florists and hairdressers. Other than this, the Jews shopping plaza maintains a complete calendar containing thematic and promotional events, which remained open for the public. Based on all of these essential facts, large numbers of individuals visiting the city from different parts of the world consider it as the best vacation spots countrywide.

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“Israel’s leading developer of retail mega-destinations, the Azrieli Group opened Jerusalem’s main shopping mall in Malcha in 1993, effectively heralding resurgence in the neighborhood, and, together with the Malcha Technological Park and Teddy Stadium, providing a new focal point for a once sleepy corner of the city.” Read more from.

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Advancements Undergone by the Mall

In order to maintain the safety of lives and properties at the inner and outer portion of the shopping mall, its owners and operators have installed wide range of security systems and surveillance systems at different portion of the commercial property. Simultaneously, some experienced people belonging to retail sector have recommended for the installation of sophisticated layered voice analysis based systems in different sections of the shopping center, particularly across banks and ATM centers of the property. In conclusion, we should say that visiting the Malcha Mall would give lots of fun and enjoyment to tourists.


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