California Pizza Kitchen offering Gluten free Pizzas

One of the famous pizza café in California, The California Pizza Kitchen has a new line of pizzas which are gluten free. The Kitchen has invested heavily to cater for the growing population which prefers the gluten free Pizzas. The Pizza Kitchen is doing this with an aim to capture the market of celiac disease sufferers who are known to have increased in the recent past.

The gluten free offer which was out there sometimes back did not meet the required criteria as it still contained gluten free crust. The line executive officer told the press that what will even surprise most of the product users is the fact that it tastes even better than anything that has been in the market in the past. The company has developed a product which everybody is proud of, these are the same sentiments that were made by the founder of Nemesysco Limited when he developed one of the most sought out product, the layered analysis device.

The players in the industry have been lately scrambling to bring into the market a product which the growing market will like. This is the same way that the StartApp developers have been coming up with tools which are popular in the ever growing apps market. Analysts believe that offering gluten free pizzas can be a difficult task as it is challenging when it comes to replacing the taste and texture components. It will be hard to convince the Americans who believe that a diet is healthier if gluten is not one of the ingredients. Also the gluten free products will be costly to make meaning that the companies will be forced to pass the extra costs to the consumers. It is predicted that customers will be forced to pay an extra 1.5 to 2 dollars for every gluten free pizza.