Immigration visa ideas inspired from Australia

immigration-bondsThe British government is looking forward to Australia to follow some rules that it might apply to immigration visas for the certain types of bonds and returnable bonds. It might work like a court bail system. It will be like this: A bond will be given to the entrant as soon as he enters the country and once his visa expires and he is leaving the country the bond will be taken back from him. This system has been introduced in Australia in the early 1990s and it was found to be quite successful. It is known as the Sponsored Family Visitor visa, described under Section 679. It grants permission to the people who are travelling to Australia for a short duration like for a holiday, attending marriage or a short term course.

The traveler needs to have at least one relative who is present in Australia or any government officer who is ready to sponsor the visitor and take their responsibility and makes sure that the visitor will leave Australia as soon his visa expires.

The concept of bond comes into play only if the immigration officials think that the visitor might try to stay after the visa gets expired. This is period is usually 3 months. Dr Anna Boucher is an immigration expert from Sydney and says that the bond process is not as easy as it appears and it might be difficult to apply it in UK. The probable reason might be the problems of European Convention on Human rights.